who we are

we are millwork specialists with soul. we are brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, partners and lovers. Like you, we are consumers and brand followers. we are passionate, creative, hard-working and modest. we are experienced, intelligent and determined. we are always accessible to our clients, partners, employees and suppliers. icm fabrication is a people business dedicated to delivering outstanding work. we pride ourselves in proposing design solutions with the utmost craftsmanship that contributes to a client’s success. icmfabrication is a leading full-service millwork that specializes in retail, commercial, hospitality and event projects. we give it our best, every day. that’s icm fabrication.

our offices


what we do

ff&e concept development

our seasoned team of designers develop tailor-made concepts….

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r & d engineering development

we have a research and development team specialized in engineering at the disposal of our clients...
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value engineering

at icm fabrication our constant focus is on our client entire satisfaction, on every project we take on…
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project cost analysis

the client team manager is in charge of breaking down the project cost...
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prototyping & proof of concept

for every new project that comes into the mill we have a rigorous procedure of prototyping …

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overseas procurement

we source and produce goods for clients in foreign markets at reduced costs…

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rollout management

depending on a client’s different location and needs we are able roll out strategically …

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project management

we want to ensure each project carries the client’s brand, vision and specific needs....

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warehousing – storage - distribution

at icm fabrication we understand the importance of being able to deliver on time for all of our clients...

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inventory management

apart from having every single piece, unit and element included in specific projects in our databases...

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installation management & supervision

at icm fabrication we’ve become masters in installation management…

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